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London's Getting Taller

Posted By on Wednesday 16/03/2016 To all blogs

London's Getting Taller!

The number of people working at height in London is set to change dramatically in the next few years, due to the fact that double the number of skyscrapers and tall buildings are in the planning stages compared to two years ago, and only three planning applications have been refused in the past year.

Planning and Construction

The report carried out by GL Hearn and New London Architecture shows that in the last year, 119 new buildings that are at least 20 storeys high have begun the planning process, bringing the total number of tall buildings in the pipeline to 436. Of these, 89 are currently under construction, 233 have been approved but work has not yet started, and 114 are in the early stages of the planning application stage; almost double the 230 buildings which were undergoing the same process two years ago.

Working at Height Across London

The report also found that, of 94 buildings which submitted plans for approval in the past 12 months, 43 were approved and just three were refused permission. The majority of the 43 approved buildings form part of the Greenwich Peninsula scheme, which aims to bring 13,000 new homes to the area. Those rejected were Gagarin Tower in Southwark, Hounslow House in the west of the city and the "Central phase 4 site" at Woolwich. The remaining developments are still waiting for a planning decision.

Elsewhere in London, 1 Undershaft will be as lofty as the Shard, becoming the tallest building in the square mile. There are also 93 tall buildings proposed for Tower Hamlets, including what would be the tallest residential building in Europe at 240.5 metres, Hertsmere House. There are 67 tall buildings planned in Greenwich, and a further 23 in Barnet, as London begins to rival other global cities in terms numbers of skyscrapers.


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