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Browse the Photo & Video Gallery to see the Triangular Bridging System scaffolding bridging over conservatories and demo videos of scaffolding towers, ladders and platforms available in our Online Shop. Click on the photos to see more examples of the Bridging System and some of our custom made orders.

Triangular Bridging System

Spanning up to 12 metres (40ft) between just two slimline supports this Dutch made aluminium working at height system meets EN1004 regulations. The Triangular Bridging System has an adjustable platform height of between 3 and 7 metres.

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System between mobile Scaffolding

The Triangular Bridging System can also be adapted for use between your current mobile scaffold towers. Spanning up to 17 metres at any height and bridging conservatories with ease.

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Winch System Photos

Assemble your Triangular Bridging System at ground height, inlcuding floor boards and handrails. Then simply winch up to the required working height, access with a ladder through the gate at the front of the system.

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Assembling The Winch System

Totally assembled at ground level then winched up to height the Triangular Bridging System impresses HSE. Browse these photos to see how.

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Weather Protection System

Don't let the British weather delay your work. Use the Weather Protection system with your Triangular Bridging Scaffold to protect against rain and wind.

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Interesting Projects

A selection of some of our more challenging and exciting projects.

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Custom Made Orders

At Sterk Systems we go the extra mile to tailor to our customers needs! Take a look at some of the quality custom made orders we have already created...

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