5 Tips for Safe Working at Height

Working at
height can be a risky business. However by taking some sensible
precautions you can stay safe. Here are 5 tips to help you at

(1) Risk
assessment and Planning

A risk
on your work place does not have to take long.
Noting what the job is and how it will be carried out will help to
identify the safety measures you need.

Working together

It’s always better
with two. A colleague can ‘foot’ your ladder by holding the base
while you work. A second pair of eyes to keep a look out for
pedestrians is also a good recommendation when working in public

Secure Your Equipment Safely

Always make
sure your ladder is on a secure surface and use a Ladder mat or Ladder stopper whenever you can. Scaffolding
should also be built on a safe non-slip footing. Tools should be
secured to a utility belt or kept within a tool bag to avoid the
risk of them falling and causing an injury to someone

(4) Work
Areas to be clearly marked

Using striped
tape or cones to mark off your work area will make it obvious to
colleagues and passers-by that work is being carried out. By
reducing the risk of people accidentally walking into your ladder
or scaffolding you’ll increase your safety and that of the

(5) Wear
All Necessary Safety Equipment

Don’t skimp on
the accessories. All workers should wear safety helmets to protect them from falling
materials. And you should also use a harness if you are working
higher than 2m.

For quality
, steps, scaffolding and access equipment that meet
European safety standards visit
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and ensure your safety when working at height.