Blog Crazy Ladder ideas!

You probably use your ladders every day and have never really
thought about them as anything other than a tool for helping you
work at height. But did you know that your Sterk ladders actually have many uses – not
just going up and down on them!

Art Sculpture

Yes it’s true. Rise Up Chattanooga was a public art project
using ladders borrowed from local communities. Would you lend your
Sterk ladder to an art project? Any type of ladder was welcome to
take part, step ladders, double ladders, you name it.

This isn’t the only time ladders have been used in art projects
either. A search of Google images comes up with many interesting and unusual photos with ladders involved.

Dog Training

For a long time ladders have been very useful for training
to walk under, over, and surprisingly even up them! It
would be a little worrying watching a dog walk up a ladder in real life, but very

Agility training in dogs is a big business and ladders make a
great prop.

Wrestling Move

Probably one of the most dangerous uses for ladders is in
Wrestling. Ladders are frequently used as props in the WWE wresting
ring and are termed “ladder matches”. There is even an actual
wrestling move called the “ladder lock” which does look very

Dance Prop

In ballet and theatre ladders are often used. In one particular
scene called “steps to climbing mountains” dancers climb up their
ladders on stage. In theatre ladders can be laid flat and walked
upon, climbed up, and danced around, as well as moving them in a
synchronised fashion.

Skating and Stunts

Skateboarding is good fun at the best of times. But expert
boarders can use ladders to do all sorts of tricks and ‘grinds’ on.
Roller skaters and BMX bikers can also use the good old ladder to
do a few moves on too.

For safety if you are planning to use your ladders for any kind of
trick it’s highly advisable to wear a helmet and safety pads before
attempting to do so.

Martial Arts

Last but not least (and definitely not to be tried at home),
Jackie Chan demonstrates yet another creative way to use a ladder
during a fight sequence in the film First Strike. If you watch the full
, Jackie uses everything from chairs, tables and even a scaffold tower at one point.

So next time you are going up your ladder remember, there’s a lot
more to this piece of equipment than meets the eye! Be inspired and
don’t forget, whether you are fighting off ninjas, getting creative
or just working at height, safety is paramount.