Site Managers and Business Owners: an important Health & Safety update regarding ladders.

Since January 1st 2018, new European regulations have stipulated that ladders over 3 metres high should be fitted with a stabiliser bar. See image.

The stabiliser prevents accidents by providing a firmer footing for the ladder and reduces the likelihood of ‘flipping around’ in the event of an operator shifting their weight away from the centre of gravity. It also spreads weight more evenly and prevents ladder feet from sinking into soft soil.

The new regulations are not retrospective, however, meaning that your previous ladders that conformed to BS2037, BS1129 and (earlier versions of) EN131 are still legally usable. So long as they are regularly checked and are in good working order they can still be deployed and used as normal.

A transition period now in place allows manufacturers to adjust designs to ensure new ladders comply with the new guidelines.

Business owners and site managers are advised to ensure that any new equipment they purchase or hire conforms to the new regulation. They are recommended not to buy old, non-conforming stock as this will not only endanger their workforce but also potentially leave them open to legal action in the event of accidents.

All Sterk Systems ladders conform to the new Regulation EN 131. Managers and owners can buy Sterk Systems ladders safe in the knowledge that they are showing the highest concern for the welfare of their staff and are fully in line with current European and British Health & Safety guidance.