Get App To Date With The NIOSH | Mobile App

In 2013, The National Institute of
Occupational Safety and Health released a mobile app specifically designed to
educate more ladder users about the risks associated with working
at height, and provide helpful hints for using equipment in a safer

While the app originally gained success
across the pond, it has now become one of the highest ranking trade
apps available in the UK for Android.

Even the most experienced trade professionals
sometimes get confused when it comes to ladder safety as there is
differing advice for using different types of equipment. The angles
and methods for using a 2 section Titan ladder, for example, will
differ from that for using a timber
extension ladder
. Working at height can be risky, so it’s
important that you understand the safest ways for using your tools
and equipment when on the job.

Ladder safety and advice is presented in
detail in the HSE publication ‘Safe
Use of Ladders and Stepladders
‘, but the problem with
print-based materials such as this is that while they’re easy to
read, it’s trickier to put them into practice in real life
situations. That’s where the app is different. Its interactive
features mean that it’s easy to apply ladder safety information to
the job at hand, and it’s simple to see if you’ve set your
equipment up incorrectly.

The Ladder Safety app, available
through Google Play, shows a step-by-step checklist
for setting up your equipment, including reminders to check for
bends, breaks, and loose or missing rungs. However, the highlight
is the angle checker. Using visual clues and indicators, the
interactive app can tell you if your angle is too steep, too
shallow, or just right. The device will alert you if the angle
changes as you’re working.

The app’s accuracy and wealth of information,
which is based on the current American Ladder Institute standards, has proved
so beneficial that it’s become an essential tool for many
organisations across the world. Ladder Safety has now been
downloaded and installed in more than 20 countries, and is one of
the most useful trade apps in the Google Play Store.