How To Ensure Your Ladder is Level | quick safety checks

Even if you’ve been using a ladder for years, sometimes it’s
good to have a quick refresher on using it safely, and to make sure you are doing
everything you can to keep yourself and your work colleagues

A third of all falls from height involve ladders, so it’s crucial
that before climbing up yours you know that it is level. There are
a couple of ways you can do this.

Use Your Naked Eye

You can carefully check your ladders are level with your own eyes.
Step back from them and check how they are leaning at the top and
the bottom. Make sure the ground is hard and firm. Stand with your
feet at the bottom of the ladder, extend your arms fully, if your
ladder is at the correct angle of 75 degrees then you should be
able to hold the uprights comfortably from this position.

Ladder AccessoriesLadder Stabiliser

In addition to using your own judgement there are specially
designed accessories for increasing safety whilst up
your ladder. We recommend a ladder stabiliser. Stabilisers are particularly
useful, having been designed for use on uneven ground and fit onto
most types of ladders. It even comes with swivelling steel ground
spikes for extra security. It makes using your ladder much safer
and more stable.

Another option is Zarges adjustable safety legs. Complete with
self-levelling feet, they’re perfect for uneven surfaces.


Here are some more of our top ladder safety

– Inspect your ladder regularly and check it for any damage, loose
screws, wobbly rungs, oils, mud and grease.
– Your ladders should have anti-slip feet.
– Always check your shoes are clean and that there is nothing on
them that could cause you to slip. Tie your shoelaces tightly and
– If you have to work on an uneven floor never do so without using
a ladder stabiliser.
– Do not stand on the top rung of your ladder. The highest you
should stand is two steps down from the top.
– Never overload a ladder with more than one person on it at a
time. Overloading a ladder will cause it stress and compromise your
– If there are strong winds, avoid going up your ladder.
Move your ladder rather than overreach for
something. Your belly button should not move beyond the sides of
the ladder. Overreaching
can cause you to lose your balance or make the ladder
– The 4-to-1 rule of ladder safety is you should
place your ladder one foot away from the wall for every four feet
the ladder rises. This is to ensure good stability.
– Try not to spend over 30 minutes at a time up your ladder.
– Don’t carry more than 10kg whilst using your ladder.
– Always face forwards. Don’t work side on.