Keep off the grass

Builders in Plymouth came up with an ingenious
way of avoiding walking on the grass while carrying out repairs to
roof tiles on a block of flats; they constructed a scaffold walkway
that is
30ft high and 60ft long

The towering walkway allows workers and
materials to be shipped to the site without disturbing or damaging
the ground below. Plymouth Community
, the company responsible for the work, have said that the
job could take up to six weeks to complete.

However, the move hasn’t gone down well with
local residents who have complained that the structure is dangerous
at night because it is unlit, and spoils the look of the area
during the daytime.

An Eyesore

Resident Caroline Pemberton, whose property is
next to the scaffold said “It is an eyesore. I think it is too far

“They put it up about two days ago, but it is a
problem at night. There aren’t any lights on the path, so you can’t
see where you’re walking. It gets dark from 4 o’clock. Anyone could
easily walk right into the scaffolding.”

Other residents are more annoyed with the
attention the structure has created among residents. Anna Reeves,
whose home is connected to the structure, has grown tired of people
coming to look at the scaffold, saying “I’m not happy about
all these people taking pictures of it
. It’s just new tiles
done on my roof – nothing major. It’s just stupid that people are
interested in it, to tell you the truth.”

Scaffold is the “Safest

Head of regeneration at Plymouth Community
Homes, John Orr, has defended the scaffolding, saying it was the
safest way to remove rubbish from the site.

“The work is due to be completed within two to
three weeks at this property. However, we are looking to complete
similar works to adjoining properties making use of the same
scaffold system. This might extend the work by a further four to
six weeks.”