Massive Fireworks Ladder Explodes Into The Sky

A magnificent fireworks ladder climbing an astonishing 500
metres into the sky has been captured on film by gaping onlookers
in China.

Cai Guoqiang, an artist and pyrotechnics
enthusiast from Quanzhou City, put on the display specially for the
residents of his own hometown – calling it “Sky Ladder”.

The beautiful, burning orange ladder crackled and
burst up into the sky from a boat just off the shore of a nearby
island – and lingered the air for a total of eighty seconds. Mr Cai
created the ladder using metal wire, aluminium and gun powder.
These elements were all attached to the base of a hot air balloon
which carried the glowing ladder up into the sky behind it.

Stairway To

This isn’t the first time that Mr Cai has put
on an extravagant and explosive display for excited spectators. He
had previously attempted to create the Sky Ladder twice before, and
has also put on a series of firework shows for huge events like the
Beijing Olympics. With regards to Sky Ladder, it proved to be third
time lucky for Mr Cai – who dedicated the display to his elderly
grandmother, a woman he claimed had supported his dream to become
an artist from a very young age.

The artist’s amazing ladder display was
referred to, perhaps inevitably, as a “stairway to heaven” by some
who witnessed it. The ladder itself rose higher than the Empire
State Building, taking the concept of health and safety into
uncharted areas by combining fireworks with extreme height.

China is the home of fireworks, which have
been amazing and inspiring crowds for centuries. It remains to be
seen what kind of pyrotechnic shows Mr Cai will continue to produce
in the future, but for the time being the Sky Ladder is a wonderful
image to keep looking back on.