Scaffolder takes 10yr Son on Dangerous Scaffolding

We all know that scaffolding is a skilled
occupation that requires many years of training and experience, and
that health and safety should always be a top priority. However, it
seems that this message still eludes some incompetent

One such scaffolder from Merseyside was
recently prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for taking
his 10 year old son onto scaffolding that was deemed ‘unsafe’.

Unfortunately for the scaffolder and
fortunately for the boy, a passing HSE inspector saw the boy edging
his way across a narrow plank on top of scaffolding that had been
erected at the side of a property. The inspector took photographs
and ordered the 51 year old builder to dismantle the scaffolding,
as not only was he putting his son at risk by taking him onto the
scaffolding, but the scaffold structure itself was considered a
health and safety hazard.

Unsafe Scaffolding

Basic health and safety precautions had not
been put in place, so there were no handrails and no safety barge
boards fitted around the edge of the scaffold to prevent tools and
materials from falling to the ground below. This presented a risk
to any passing members of the public.

In a further breach of health and safety
regulations, the ladder that the boy was making his way towards was
not tall enough to reach the working platform and so the boy was
placed on the ladder by his father who had to hold onto his ankles
to make sure he didn’t miss the rungs.

The boy was apparently on his spring break
holiday from school when the incident occurred, which led to the
HSE issuing a warning for all contractors not to take their
children onto building sites during school holidays. HSE Inspector
Matt Greenly warned:

“Building sites have the potential to be
dangerous places… with dozens of deaths reported in the industry
every year. They’re certainly no place for a ten-year-old boy.”

The man, who is to remain anonymous to
protect the identity of his son, was found guilty of serious health
and safety breaches,
fined £200
and ordered to carry out 80 hours of community