Raising your concerns on Scaffold Safety

Raising your concerns on Scaffold Safety If you are a self employed
scaffolder, then you may find yourself in the tricky position of
being asked to do something that raises health and safety concerns.
The best thing you can do, both as an employee and as someone who
is self employed, is to familiarise yourself with the workplace
health and safety regulations. Scaffolders are most at risk of
falling foul of HSE regulations and in May 2013, two firms were
successfully prosecuted after a casual employee fell from an
unguarded scaffold and suffered multiple injuries. What to do if
you have a Health and Safety Concern The HSE has issued a number of
guidelines for employees and the self employed to follow if they
have a concern at work. There are 3 basic steps to follow: Stop and
Check with the HSE Before you question something under HSE
regulations, just check to see if the HSE regulations apply as the
Health and Safety Executive is not the right enforcement authority
for all workplaces such as hotels, leisure centres, churches and so
on. You should also speak to your employer directly about the
concern. If you have been asked to use the wrong scaffold for a
working at height job then a brief chat with your employer may
resolve the problem. If that doesn’t produce the desired results
then speak to the site safety representative if there is one, or
your Union rep. Raise Your Concern If you feel that an individual
or company is putting either your health and safety, or that of
your colleagues or the public at risk and you have tried to resolve
the issue with them directly, then you need to write everything
down and report your concerns to either the HSE or the relevant
authority such as Trading Standards or the local council. What
Happens Next? The HSE and other enforcement authorities will try to
discern exactly what the nature of the concern was and who was
responsible for health and safety on the site. The company will
then either be asked to investigate or the authority will launch an
investigation themselves to ascertain if there were any health and
safety breaches. So get clued up on site and know your rights.