Tis the Season to be Clumsy Top Accidents During the Christmas Season

The holiday season is upon us and you
have no doubt been spending much of your time hanging Christmas
decorations from the rooftop and drinking mulled wine with your
friends and family.

The winter months bring with them an
increase in injuries, many of which are directly related to holiday
rituals such as the Christmas tree and fairy lights… Here’s a few
of the top Christmas accidents.

1. Falls in and Around the

Falls account for a large percentage of
holiday accidents, and almost all could have been prevented. 350 people a year are hurt from falling while
hanging up Christmas lights alone.

While working at height, you should
always take the proper precautions, even if you are just putting
the star on top of the tree.

– Always use a ladder that can support
your weight, a shorter self-supporting step ladder may be more
appropriate and provide better access for decorating the Christmas

– When climbing onto your home or on a
ladder, always have someone with you to support the ladder when
climbing up and down.

– Always avoid standing on the highest
step of the ladder.

2. Household Fires

Did you know that people are 50% more likely to die in a fire during the
winter holidays than any other time of the year?

Dried out or non-flame resistant
Christmas trees, and candles are the main causes of household

– If you have a live Christmas tree,
keep it watered to prevent the leaves from getting too dry. They
have been known to ignite a room within seconds.

– Use appropriate holders for your
candles, and never set them near the tree or other flammable

– Don’t burn wrapping paper in the
fire, it can be extremely flammable and often contains toxic

Using the Wrong

Panic ensues. The kids are screaming,
wanting to play with their new toy and you realise you that you
don’t have a screw driver get those essential batteries in –
nightmare! So you resort to desperate measures with disastrous

Well you’re not alone. According to
statistics, 58 people are injured per year by using sharp
knives instead of screwdrivers.

The lesson here… No matter how big or
small the job, make sure you have the right equipment to

This year choose devouring minced pies
over a visit to the A&E. Taking measures to avoid unnecessary
accidents or injuries will make all the difference this holiday
season. Be healthy, be merry, and Happy