Tower Week 2015 – Set for Success

Tower Week 2015
There are few more important events regarding the
construction industry aspects of UK health and safety than Tower
Week – and the fourth edition is set to be the best

Taking place this week, Tower Week
focuses on promoting the importance of staying safe when working at
, and provides industry members with priceless
information that can ultimately save lives.

A Very Special Week

The Managing Director of PASMA, Peter Bennett, has
suggested that Tower Week this year is a step forward, going on to
comment on the “increase in partnerships and new initiatives”
featured that will make the event the best of its kind that the UK
has seen. “Tower Week is a collaborative effort” said Bennett,
“Together we are aiming to produce a special week that will benefit
the industry”.

Increasing Knowledge of Safe Tower

Tower Week is testing people’s current
knowledge of tower safety in a variety of ways – including by means
of the popular Tower Test quiz. Those who take part and achieve a
high score will be in with a shot of picking up an exclusive Tower
Test safety pack, which contains all kinds of information on how to
stay safe when working at height.

The week has also seen the
introduction of the Tower Selfie Challenge, in which people are
invited to take selfies with towers around the UK and post the
images online using the hashtag #towerweek.

The week itself began on Monday 2nd
November with an exciting and hugely informative webinar, with
further competitions and charity initiatives to follow throughout
the coming days. For more information about Tower Week, head on
over to the official
PASMA Tower Week webpage