Window Cleaner Climbs Down From His Ladder to Raise Money for Charity

Keith Siddle, 50, is a very caring window cleaner. He has
climbed down from his ladder and put his window cleaning round on
hold to walk from London to Brighton in an effort to raise money for charity.

Keith lives in Highfield Road, Leighton
Buzzard, and is passionate about helping Great Ormond Street
Hospital. Previously he has raised £8400 from doing other sponsored

By doing his most recent walk, Keith is hoping to bring his grand
total raised for the good cause to over £12,000.

Keith has been quoted as saying “I am a stubborn so-and-so. My
motivation is to do the best I can do for the hospital and the kids
as it is such a worthy cause. I have had the same customers for
many years and they are putting up a lot of money for my efforts so
I don’t want to let them down. They have always been very generous
and supported the fundraising I have done.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a specialised children’s hospital
and the largest there is outside of the US and Canada, as well as
having the widest range of children’s specialists in the UK. It
trains many international doctors and nurses.

Within the UK it is the largest centre for treating children who
need heart surgery, brain surgery or who have cancer. It is a very
important place and does some amazing work. They are always very
grateful for all donations, which make a big difference to the
work they do.

The walk is a challenging 100km in total and it is reported that
Keith has been training hard (we hope he has some comfortable
shoes). Keith said he’d done a practice walk over the cold Easter
weekend and his entire body was aching after it. Hopefully there’s
time to fit in a few more practice walks so Keith is fully

The all-important walk is happening over May 25th and 26th 2013,
and Keith is hoping to finish the whole thing within 24

It’s great to hear that the local community are showing such great
support for their window-cleaner. Here at Sterk Systems we wish Keith the very best of
luck with his fundraising and hope he fully recovers from his 100km
trek before returning to his window cleaning round and goes back up
his ladder!

If you want to help Keith get to his goal and support his walk you
can visit his donation page.