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Review Eileen Marta, Personnel Plus, Brentwood

The Combination 5 in 1 Ladder arrived the next day as promised excellent quality, with a design of the trap door enabling the user to climb the ladder up onto the platform without trying to access from the side to arrive on the platform easily especially in a tight area that we are having work in on a landing measuring 6ft wide by just 30 inches depth Who ever thought of putting the Video and 5 close up photos on the website adjoining the page with the appliance on deserves great credit that was the deciding factor in our purchase not the price, value for money on the safety and quality of this 5 in 1 ladder goes without saying, if we have any negative comment to make is that the instructions were not in English, I also searched passed the first page of the internet to find this jewel in the crown. of combination ladders as it was found on the 6th page. It was dissapointing also it was not a British Design

11 March 2015