Double Sided Step Ladders

Work with a friend! These double sided step ladders give you twice the value allowing two people to co-operate on a job.

Alternatively, they give one person twice the reach allowing you to position the ladder once but reach a much wider area.

Why have a ladder with one set of steps when you can have two sets for only a little more? Ranging from two to eight treads, these ladders are suitable for all kinds of task in small spaces or large. Use them to wire an out of reach kitchen socket or to plaster a large wall. Either way, the job is done twice as fast when you work with a friend. They’re also perfect when teaching or coaching.

Ideal for tradespeople and DIYers alike, our wide range of double sided step ladders ensures there is one that’s just right for you. With brands such as Drabest, Youngman, Hymer and DeWalt, these stepladders are of the highest quality, meaning you can work with peace of mind knowing your equipment is reliable and safe.

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