Scaffold Boards & Trestles

Scaffold Boards and Trestles are essential pieces of equipment when working at height and when you require the ability to work from side to side with ease. They are extremely strong platforms, up to 6.1m wide and 45cm deep. You can suspend them between trestles or rest them on other foundations. Scaffold Boards are ideal for any work, such as brick-laying, plastering or painting, when you require rapid, easy sideways movement. They have optional guardrails for higher working and also optional toeboards.

Sterk Systems supply scaffold boards made by the market leader, Youngman. These boards are certified to EU and UK standards so you know you are taking care of your staff.

Scaffold Superboards

Scaffold Superboards are made deeper, up to 60cm, to provide extra stability and room for manoeuvre. They offer more rigidity over a wider working space. Scaffold Superboards feature an aluminium frame with slip resistant plywood decking. They can be used with super trestles or any access towers that can carry a 60cm deep board.


Trestles are similar to scaffolds but they come with their own made-for-purpose aluminium supports at each end. They are more mobile than bridging systems but are still designed for everyday heavy use. Trestles can be easily adapted for different widths and can support a board height up to 3.5 metres.

Sterk Systems’ trestles are made by Lyte and are certified to UK and EU standards. They are an economical way to provide for working at height when speed and mobility are of the essence. They are completely safe when used in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

When you use a made-for-purpose Lyte trestle you are showing your workers that you take their health and well-being seriously.