Indusrial, Trade and DIY Towers

Industrial, Trade and DIY towers are the quickest and most economical means to working at height. These towers have been designed to be:

  • low-cost
  • easy to assemble and erect
  • requiring no special tools
  • easy to pack away in a van
  • safe and stable

They are perfect for tradespeople working from a small van or for householders with a large maintenance project. The platform at the top means you can bring fairly heavy or bulky equipment up with you. This saves repeat journeys to the ground.

Depending on your needs the height ranges from a couple of metres up to as much as 8.7m. Many towers come with optional base supports for extra stability which means fewer safety worries.


The price range is from less than £100 up to £2000 or so for the most sophisticated twowers. This means there is a tower to suit your needs and budget.

To sum up, we have a great range of trade & DIY towers for a wide variety of applications. They’re all designed and manufactured to adhere to the latest safety requirements.

Whether for domestic, commercial or industrial work, our scaffold towers and mobile scaffold towers offer a versatile, durable and flexible solution so that you can operate safely at a variety of heights.

For safety information see the HSE Website

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