Timber Loft Ladders

It’s one thing to have safe access to your loft provided with a good loft ladder. However you can go one step further and a touch of class by choosing one of our timber loft ladders. Prices are extremely reasonable and not as high as you might expect. A wooden loft ladder provides an element of warmth and comfort that is lacking in most alternatives.

Take for example the Hobby timber loft ladder. For a start it requires no inside loft clearance and it comes fully assembled and ready to fit. Once installed the warm tones of the Scandinavian wood make the loft space look very inviting.

Or for a great combination of style and value try the Top Flight timber loft ladder – sold as the most competitively priced, quality timber loft ladder on the market. It comes with an insulated trap door and is also fitted with a draught excluder which prevents heat loss.

If you’re not sure which timber loft ladder would be best for you just call our sales line and we’ll be happy to advise you.