Kitchen Step Ladders

Sometimes you don’t need to reach very high and buying a ladder is just over spec. That’s where kitchen steps and hop-ups come in very handy. If you just need elevation of 40cm from the ground to reach that top shelf or low level ceiling a kitchen step will fit the bill.

Storage couldn’t be easier either. Take the Hymer Kitchen steps for example, they fold up to just 46cm x 35cm and when you lie them flat they are just 8cm high – perfect! Strong and sturdy these kitchen steps have been well designed for use at work or home and meet EN 14183 regulations. They also feature a special catch to prevent them folding when in use.

Alternatively you may like to consider the Hop-Up work platforms which offer a slightly larger work area. Manufactured to meet EN131, and the small scaffold standards, these smart Hop-Ups offer a platform size of 355 x 900mm. The Hop-Up work platforms from Titan are designed for domestic and trade use and are lightweight and easy to carry.

So whether it’s traditional kitchen steps or a hop-up platform you choose you can be sure that you’ll have safe access to those low-level items and work areas you need. If you need any advice you can call our customer help line and we will be pleased to help.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Drabest Kitchen Steps

  • MF

    Drabest Minifero

  • 4392-801-1

    Hailo K30 Aluminium Kitchen Steps

  • 4442-702-1

    Hailo L90 KE Double Sided Kitchen Steps

    £30.93 inc.VAT | £25.78 ex.VAT
  • 4310

    Hailo Mini Steel Folding Steps

  • 6030-02-1
    Rated 4.60 out of 5

    Hymer 2 Step Folding Kitchen Steps

    £129.36 inc.VAT | £107.80 ex.VAT
  • 602404-1

    Hymer 2 Tread Double-Sided Step Ladder

    £184.27 inc.VAT | £153.56 ex.VAT
  • 706

    Werner Aluminium Stepstools

  • 2205

    Werner Steel Kicksteps