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Here at Sterk Systems we only provide the very best quality products which exactly suit the job in hand. Along side our own brand; Sterk Systems ladders we are proud to supply you with a broad range from the trusty Hymer brand. Featuring the Red Line Freestanding Platform Step ladder and two section extension ladder these ladders are sure to impress. Manufactured in Germany the red line and black line ladders with the famous stripe not only expertly fit the job they also stand out in the workplace.

Hymer Facts – did you know?

  • Hymer is a family business
  • Erwin Hymer took over the rights for the production of aluminium ladders from the aircraft manufacturer Dornier. He started manufacturing with Fritz Lang in Neumühle near Wangen in July 1962.
  • The famous Red Stripe design on the ladders came into being in 1971.
  • Hymer was also successful in making mobile camper vans.
  • Along with the current Red & Black stripe ladder Hymer used to manufacture the ladder with the Purple stripe. The ladders with the red line are key to instantly recognising Hymer in today’s market place.
  • Since the beginning of 2021 Hymer has a new logo.
  • Hymer has been a brand here at Sterk Systems in the UK for more than 10 years.’

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All Sterk Systems’ products conform to EU and UK specifications so you know you are looking after your team while staying within H&S guidelines.</strong >

  • 3 Way Combination Ladder. A popular product that can be used as an extension, stairway, or step ladder.
  • Telescopic Combination Step Ladder. A robust and versatile ladder with telescopic legs. Available in 3 sizes.
  • Fibreglass Swingback Step Ladder. A classic range of reliable fibreglass ladders. Available in 6 sizes.
  • Hop Up Work Platform. An ideal solution to low-level access tasks. Available in two sizes.
  • 5 Way Ladder Scaffold System. A mobile work platform with a variety of positions for different jobs.


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