Swingback Step Ladders

Whether you are a tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, our range of swingback step ladders can meet all of your needs! With brands such as Youngman, Hymer and DeWalt, these stepladders are of the highest quality, meaning you can work in peace knowing your equipment is reliable and safe.

Swingback ladders do not have a platform at the top. If a platform is important to you check out our wide range of platform ladders here.

Remember though that a platform is for resting tools and materials, it’s not for standing on as you should always have a hand-hold in front of you for stability.

Swingbacks are always light and highly portable. They are ideal when you need to get to work fast or when you have a lot of small jobs to do in different places.

All our swingback ladders are fitted with safety features such as rubber feet and non-slip treads as well as strong internal locking bars for additional stability.

For safety reasons the HSE advises that users should not stand on the top 3 treads. Make sure you choose a swingback that will allow you to reach the height you want.

For advice on which swingback to choose, call 0845 257 0235 now.