Garden Trucks

Garden Trucks are the workhorses of the building site as well as the garden. They are essential equipment wherever tools, materials and equipment need to be carried across distance.

Garden trucks are suitable as:

Farm Trucks, Warehouse Trucks, Garden Centre Trucks, DIY Store Trucks, Building Site Trucks, Factory Trucks, Workshop Trucks, Equipment Carriers for All Trades and of course Garden Trucks

The Lyte Heavy Duty Garden Truck, for instance, can carry either 200Kg or 300Kg depending on the model you select. That’s a vast amount of tools and equipment.

Why risk your health or waste your time carrying heavy bundles of tools and materials in repeat journeys from your van to your place of work? Let the garden truck carry the load for you. A garden truck can carry in one journey what might otherwise take you ten journeys. Plus, a garden truck will keep your tools and materials safely off the ground until you’re ready for them.

Garden trucks are robust and durable and made for all year round work in all conditions. The Lyte Heavy Duty Garden Truck comes with a plastic liner to keep all your equipment dry. That’s essential protection in our uncertain weather conditions. It also comes with a tow bar so you can attach it to a quad bike for easy hauling around large sites.

Sterk Systems’ range of garden trucks come with a range of accessories like removable shelves, drop-down sides and pull/push handles. What are your particular requirements.

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