Working Above a Conservatory? Triangular Bridging System Saves the Day

There are many reasons why you might need to carry out some work
on a conservatory. It could be for roof repairs, decorating, gutter
cleaning, or you could be doing something above a conservatory on
the house itself such as painting. Whatever your purpose, getting
above a conservatory can put you at some odd angles and difficult
to reach places. Roofs can be fragile, slippery or generally
unsafe. Frankly, working above a conservatory is usually a pain.
However, the Triangular Bridging
makes getting to these awkward places simple and hassle

What is it? The Triangular Bridging System is a
self assembled access platform specifically designed for carrying
out work above conservatories or accessing gutters and windows. It
is tested to European safety standards (EN1004), giving peace of
mind you are using something that is very safe.

Set-Up It takes just fifteen minutes for two people
to set up. The adjustable supports should be leaned against the
wall and stabilised. The bridge should be assembled to the desired
length and then lifted onto the supports. Lastly the floorboards
and handrails are fitted. It even comes with a Winch System
allowing the complete access platform to be assembled at ground

Benefits There are several benefits to using the

. With a 12 metre span weighing less than 50kg it is
very lightweight and made of high quality aluminium
too. It only uses two supports, which give access to
any doors and windows that may be underneath. Unlike some other
types of scaffolding, nothing has to get blocked off whilst you
carry out work above the conservatory. Having adjustable
platform heights
also gives good flexibility dependent on
your height requirements. There are also different sized
available 2, 3 and 4 m for you to combine up to a
maximum 12 metre span. Users with an adaptor set will
be able to hang the bridge units between mobile scaffold towers

Like all good quality tools, it has all-round welding, so there
are no crevices that could end up corroding over a period of time.
The system reduces climbing time and users have found up to a 60%
increase in productivity as a result of using it.

Bridging a Conservatory

Other Options Other options depend on the type of
job you are doing on the conservatory. You could use an alternative
type of scaffold
, or you may be able to get away with using adjustable
ladders or roof ladders. Overall the Triangular Bridging System
makes life a lot easier when carrying out work over a conservatory.
Its Weather Protection System gives you the maximum amount of
working days. So even when it’s raining, you can still get the job
done. It is simple to set up and take down, and keeps you safe and
secure whilst you access those difficult to reach places.