Top 5 Scary Scaffolds from around the globe

When you work with scaffolding every day, it’s always
interesting to see how others work with it. Especially when it’s
used in a very scary way! Here are 5 of our favourite death-defying
uses of scaffolding from around the globe.

1. Phrathat, Hariphunchai Wat Temple – Lamphun,
This scary looking scaffolding (Image Source: garycycles, Flickr) was used to repair the
Hariphunchai Wat Buddhist temple
. The temple dates back to the
Mon Hariphunchai kingdom and was restored during 1915 after being
damaged by fire. The temple is on a convenient bus route from
Chiang Mai and can be entered for free.


2. The Hong Kong Space Museum,
This scaffolding is made from bamboo. Bamboo scaffolding is actually used commonly
around the world, nowhere more so than in Hong Kong.  It may
seem surprising, but bamboo is very strong, cheap, lightweight and
renewable. However, you won’t find bamboo scaffolding available at Sterk Systems, despite
its plus points. Although maybe one day, you never know.

(Image Source: Sarah Joy, Flickr)

3. Mountain in
Another example of bamboo scaffolding was used on this mountain
side in Cambodia. In the photogragh it is being used to carve out a
Buddha image into the mountain. Battambang is a popular tourist
destination due to having a nice blend of modern facilities,
combined with ancient temples and popular history.

(Image Source: Kirk Siang, Flickr)

4. Centre of LAX – Los Angeles Airport
This example looks neater and more organised than
previous ones, but is still death-defying in our book! It was part
of a renovation to one of the buildings at the airport to make sure
it can withstand strong winds and earthquakes.

This airport is the sixth busiest in the world and third busiest
in the United States. With America having such extreme weather
conditions, it’s good forward thinking to keep their buildings safe
and secure.

(Image Source: Steven Damron, Flickr)

5. Hotel Les Orchidees – Ranohira,
There’s some nice renovation work being carried out to the back of
this hotel.  This construction seems to be made from very
flimsy wooden scaffolding and looks like an accident waiting to

(Image Source: Leonora Enking, Flickr)

Would you work on any of these buildings given the chance? In the
west, we are very keen on our hard hats and safety procedures.
Thankfully, there are much safer scaffolding options available. You
may not have realised just how lucky you are when working on some
of our safe scaffold tower systems!