Making a Splash. Using the right scaffolding over water

When you need to carry out work above water, such as over a large
swimming pool, you need the right equipment to access such a
difficult area. Not only is there the issue of working at height to
factor in, combine that with water and you could have double the

Type of Scaffold For Use Above Water

Working above water can be a very awkward task and you need some
scaffold that covers a big enough area that also remains very safe.
At Sterk Systems we have a range of scaffold towers available that could be used
for work above a swimming pool.

Our triangular bridging system for between mobile
towers in particular, is a unique solution for working at difficult
to access high up areas. The bridge platform can cover a very large
area up to 17 metres long. It makes working over a swimming pool
simple and hassle free.

There are other types of scaffold to consider for working above
water, such as towers, and you could even opt for a custom made
specific to your requirements. Depending on the job,
ladders may be another more basic solution.

As always when working with scaffold, follow the HSE guidelines and ensure the best safety
practices at all times.

Bridging swimming pool with sloping roof 1

Minimising Risks When Working Above Water

There are potential risks that come with working above water. The
main ones in the case of a swimming pool include risk of falling
and drowning, and there is an increased risk of slips and falls due
to areas becoming wet.

To ensure your safety:

– Wet areas should be dried and treated with sand or industrial
salt as appropriate.

– Always remember to check all equipment regularly, and that
includes making sure your footwear is not wet which could cause a
bad slip when climbing up a ladder to access a scaffold.

– Always wear safety equipment including a helmet and a life
jacket is a sensible option where water is involved.

If you need any advice or assistance with choosing equipment for
work above water, at Sterk Systems
we are always on hand and happy to discuss your needs with you.