Tips for External Decoration

Painting the outside of your house isn’t
always the easiest of tasks and can feel very daunting. There can
be difficult to reach places, it is time consuming and of course
your safety to consider.

Here are some of our top tips for making
painting the exterior of your house that bit easier.

Clean the Surfaces Before You

To ensure the paint applies correctly and
looks at its best, give the surfaces a thorough clean first. It may
seem easier to paint straight over any dirt and debris, but long
term you will thank yourself for it when the paint is still looking
good months later.

Use the Right Type of Paint for the

It might seem obvious, but it’s really
important you choose a paint that is fit for purpose. It needs to
be outdoor paint and one that applies well to the surface you are

Buy the best you can afford to ensure your
paint dries quickly, and also ages well. When you are spending so
much time and effort on painting your house, there is no point
taking any shortcuts.

Use the Correct

The type of equipment you will need depends
very much on the access you need.

You may be able to just use a ladder, and
here at Sterk Systems we have a wide range of
available to suit your needs.

Scaffolding may be needed for longer-term
jobs and those difficult to access areas such as over a
conservatory. In this case, our triangular bridging
makes life much easier.

Stay safe

When painting a house you will inevitably end
up working at height. Always remember to ensure best safety

– Maintain a good

– Regularly inspect ladders and scaffold.

– Check your equipment is secure each time
you use it and also always check it is level.

– It is advisable to wear a helmet at all
times when working at height.

Remember, painting your house not only makes
it look nicer and well maintained, it also adds a layer of
protection from the elements. It may be a long and tedious job, but
it is well worth investing the time in getting it right.