5 Nifty Gadgets to Help You Work Efficiently

Everyone loves a gadget that makes their
lives easier, and here at Sterk Systems we have
some great ones to use when working at height!

1. Ladder Sock

When you’re leaning your ladders against a
surface that can easily become marked or damaged, these ladder
socks are the perfect accessory. Handily they are universal and one
size fits all. They are heavy duty and come in pairs.

2. Roof Hook Kit

When you don’t want to invest in a roof
ladder and have the occasional roof job, these Youngmans Roof Hook
Kits do a great job. They work with most extension ladders and the
wheels help you move the ladder up onto the roof into the correct
position to carry out the work. They are easy to assemble and
remove. Have a look at the video on
our website for an up close demonstration.

3. Ladder Stay

The clue is in the name. This nifty accessory
keeps your ladder where you place it. It features a V shape cut out
that makes it easy to work around small obstacles. Another plus
point is how easy to fit it is. This gadget improves safety when
working at height and is worthwhile to give you peace of mind your
ladder isn’t going anywhere.

4. Ladder

Designed for use on uneven ground, fitting
this accessory by Hymer to your existing ladder, makes working at
height easier and safer. It’s great for use in awkward places, such
as garden steps. The Ladder stabiliser fits conveniently onto each
step, making your ladder perfectly level, stable and therefore
safer. Designed for use with rope operated, single and extension
ladders, it fits onto all ladders with straight parallel beams.

5. Ladder

These ladder stoppers are a must have for
safe working on your ladder. Their heavy duty rubber base helps
prevent any slippage and ensures your ladder cannot flip out from
underneath whilst you are on it. The mat securely grips the ground
whilst the aluminium T-shaped plate holds the ladder in place. The
Zarges ladder stopper comes in
handy for those times when you don’t have another person to foot
the ladder for you, giving you peace of mind when working

You can find lots more ladder accessories on
our website and we are always happy to have a chat about your
requirements and offer our safety advice. Call us today on 0845 257
0235 and see what Sterk Systems can do for you!