Ridiculous Ladder Myths and Superstitions | Trianglular Bridging System

We’ve all heard the superstition that
walking under a ladder is bad luck, well here’s a few more lesser
known myths to consider whilst using your trusty ladder.

1. The Triangle

In ancient Egypt, priests would place ladders for the dead in their tombs so that
their spirits could move upwards if they wanted to.

Naturally this leaning ladder space created the triangular shape
we are all familiar with. They thought that spirits gathered in the
space between where the ladder leaned and the wall, thus making the
triangle a sacred shape.

This geometric shape is still prominent in ladder design today and
while we’re not sure if any of our ladders are sacred, we are
confident that had we been around in ancient Egypt, any pharaoh or
queen would’ve been proud to house our sturdy triangular bridging system in their tomb.

2. Pushed or Walking Under a Ladder?

Another myth is that if someone were forced to walk under a ladder
when they didn’t want to, they would get anything they wished for.
Perhaps this one is not such a bad thing to happen.

In a survey carried out by Betway Group, it was
revealed that over 10 million people won’t walk underneath a ladder
due to worrying about superstition.

The good news for those who are nervous of walking under the
triangle of a ladder is that apparently there is an age-old method
for warding off any bad luck that involves placing your thumb
between your middle and index finger.

It was also said that you could reverse any bad luck from walking under a
ladder by walking back through it the other way.

3. Ladder Symbolism

Though you may not see it when you’re using your own ladder for
working at height on a day to day basic, ladders are actually very
symbolic items. They have represented for example, the ascending
and descending of angels (Genesis 28:11-19) and a spirit’s quest
moving from a lower level to a higher level.

When seen in dreams, ladders are said to represent a change in a
person’s own awareness.

Have you ever dreamt about one of your Sterk ladders?

4. Hung from a Ladder

Many years ago, murderers used to be hung from the top of a ladder due to their
strong construction. It was said that their spirits stayed a long
time where they had fallen (i.e. at the bottom of the ladder) and
they were therefore places to be avoided at all costs.

Next time you’re climbing up your ladder (or walking under it) you
can now do so a with a wider knowledge of its ancient history!Bridging System in Woking