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PPE and Safety Wear

Hilka Ear Defender


ex vat: £5.40
In & Outdoor Specs


ex vat: £9.22
Hi-Vis Reflective Vest


ex vat: £4.08
Vitrex Cup Dust Masks


ex vat: £4.88
Vitrex Safety Spectacles


ex vat: £5.89
Dust Mask 10 Piece Set


ex vat: £3.71
Vitrex Ear Protectors


ex vat: £11.68
Latex Coated Work Gloves
Leather Rigger Gloves


ex vat: £2.72
Am-Tech Rigger Gloves
Am-Tech Superior Knee Pads


ex vat: £6.43
Safety Helmet


ex vat: £7.28
Ladies' Garden Gloves


ex vat: £2.81
Men’s Multipurpose Gloves


ex vat: £2.39
Heavy Duty Knee Pads


ex vat: £19.23

When working in the construction industry certain PPE and Safety Wear is required by law. The HSE has strict enforcement rules to ensure the safety of people at work. So if you're working in an environment with a high level of noise why not invest in some Vitrex Ear Protectors. They are fully adjustable and feature a contoured headband.

Hi-vis and reflective jackets are must in safety wear. Even if you're not employed in the construction or decorating industry we would recommend keeping one in your car in case of break down.

Vitrex Safety spectacles are a fine example of PPE and Safety wear. Featuring ventilation at the sides they are ideal for woodwork or home renovation and their design means that they will fit over most prescription glasses too.

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Please See the HSE Guidance for more information about safety in construction and PPE