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Winch System

Ground Level assembly with the Winch System

One of the considerations when purchasing your Triangular Bridging System is: do we need a winch system?



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Supplied as an integral part of the base section of the supports the winch allows you to assemble the system on the ground, complete with floor boards, handrails and safety end rails and simply winch into place. Once at the required height, the Bridge is locked into place.

The winch system and the traditional system are both designed and made by Artilan b.v. in Holland.

The system is light weight but also able to support a point load of 150kg with a max weight per bridge of 600kg.

You can even winch your tools up with the system.
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Maximum loads that can be winched:

  • 12m Bridge:  40kg
  • 8m   Bridge:  70kg
  • 6m   Bridge:  90kg
  • 4m   Bridge:100kg

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