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Triangular Bridging System

Working over a conservatory? Need to replace gutters or windows? Then try our Triangular Bridging Scaffolding System.
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Why choose the Triangular Bridging Scaffolding System?

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  • Lightweight - 12 metres span weighs less than 50kg
  • Easy to erect - 12 metre span in 15 minutes
  • Only two supports
  • Adjustable platform heights (3 - 5, 4 - 7 metres)
  • Different spans made of 2, 3 and 4 metre units
  • High quality aluminium
  • All-round welding (ensures no crevice corrosion)
  • Tested to European safety standards
  • Reduced climbing time
  • Weather Protection System means maximum number of working days

The Triangular Bridging System is designed and made by Artilan b.v. in Holland. It's extremely lightweight and 12 metres span weighs less than 50kg. A single bridge section of 4 metres weighs less than 16kg. The system is easy to use and takes just 15 minutes to assemble, with no need for outside professionals. It is ideal for bridging over conservatories. All that's required is to: Position the adjustable supports against the wall and stabilise them. Assemble the bridge to the required length. Lift the bridge on to the supports then fit the floorboards and hand rails. Simple! You can even assemble the whole system from the ground and winch it up to the required height.

Use of the system has proved that painting companies and glazers typically achieve an increase in productivity of up to 60%.

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'Sterk's Triangular Bridge System offers our employees greater safety when working at height and thus enables them to work more comfortably and more productively' says Peter Mark of Paintability, High Wycombe.

The system also reduces inconvenience to local residents allowing easy access to doors and windows behind the scaffolding. The risk of burglary is also minimised as the access ladders are removed at the end of the working day.

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