Scaffolding Collapses in UK Capital

Considerable roadside damage occurred in West London
after a long stretch of scaffolding suddenly collapsed.

Road users and pedestrians in the town
of Hayes were simply going about their day when the construction
abruptly tumbled to the ground. Despite a 40m-long chunk of
scaffolding caving in, everyone on the ground managed to evade the
collapse. Staff who were working on the site at the time also
avoided suffering any serious injuries.

“A miracle nobody was hurt”

Galliard Homes had been converting an
old block of offices in Hayes into brand new residential flats that
are planned to house around 100 residents. A tube and coupler
system had been implemented on the construction site, and despite
there being no obvious sign of immediate danger, the scaffolding on
Station Road abruptly gave way around lunch time. The whole debacle
has left many people within the construction industry absolutely
stunned, and
first-hand witnesses
who saw the scaffolding collapse claimed
that it was a “miracle” nobody was hurt.

“How easily things can go

This ought to act as an incentive to
construction companies to check their construction sites carefully
– even if there are no apparent signs of looming hazards. The
collapse of the construction scaffolding during work on Trident
House did not cause any injuries to workers or passers-by on this
occasion, but demonstrated how easily things can go wrong at a
moment’s notice. Appropriate health and safety
measures are vital when it comes to construction projects, and
without taking the time and effort to examine
every possible cause
of potential injury, construction
companies can risk putting their employees, and the public, at
severe risk every single day.

A thorough investigation has been
launched into the case in order to determine the cause of the
sudden collapse. Galliard Homes are yet to comment on the