Reachmaster Mobile Scaffold Tower 2015 | Zarges Access Tower

Uncompromising German design, unbreakable
aluminum frame; Sterk Systems is proud to introduce the new
Reachmaster mobile scaffold system from ZARGES to its 2015 product

Providing the best of Bavarian
equipment engineering since 1933, ZARGES manufacturers have
combined the lightweight power of aluminum with the flexibility of
modern alloy to create powerful, functional equipment built to take
a beating for decades – and today, the Reachermaster TM is no

Able to withstand a safe working load
up to 210kg this certified EN 1004 Class 3 scaffold requires
minimal space and set-up time meaningthat for industry specialists
used to working at height, the new Zarges tower is an affordable
and easy access professional scaffold that can handle any job or
workload and is backed by the professional reputation of one of
Europe’s finest construction suppliers.

German engineering does it better, and
offering a maximum extension of 8.5 metres and supported by sturdy
50mm braces, this new mobile scaffold tower is mounted on a
convenient folding base for quick job site setup and takedown which
will keep you and your crew building fast, building tall, and
building tough – just the way things should be done.

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