Safe Usage of DIY Towers

Handy around the house? Enjoy more than just a dabble in DIY? A
DIY Tower might just be the tool for you. A great option for the
serious DIY enthusiast, DIY Towers are affordable, easy to use and
safe. There are a number of options to choose from, but whether
you’re purchasing your first DIY Tower or a seasoned user looking
to update your current equipment, read on.

Consider Your Options

Before you buy a DIY Tower for domestic use, think about how it
will be most frequently used. Indoors or outdoors? To what height?
Will you be painting and decorating, pruning or carrying out repair
work? Working out the answers to these questions before you make
your purchase will put you on the right track to selecting the
right model for your own needs.

Head in the Clouds

How high you can build a DIY Tower depends on the model you
select when you purchase. The Sten XL reaches a
whopping height of 6.7m working height; if this is loftier than you
require luckily this bestselling option is available in shorter
sizes as well. Try the Quad up for size it has the
added benefit that you can use it on the stairs too.

In and Out

If you’re looking for something for easy use both indoors and
outdoors, then a folding mobile tower might be just what you need.
Youngman make the
Minimax Folding Tower
, designed to fit through
standard doorways and down corridors while still reaching a working
heights of 7.8m.

Safe Assembly

Choose a DIY tower that’s easy to assemble – many of them can be
put together without tools. The 
Speed’Up Tower
from Centaure has a working height of 6.7m but
the whole tower can be assembled lying flat on this ground. This
safer option removes the chance of an accident from a half built

Staying Stable

Many DIY towers come with stabilizers included but they are not
always necessary. The 
TEK’O scaffold tower
has a spreader bar on the scaffold tower
for added stability, while still reaching a maximum working height
of 4.7m. It’s ideal for the average homeowner and for small trades