New Guidelines on Using Ladders and Stepladders Safely

When it comes to using ladders and stepladders in the
workplace, people can be a little bit worried about the health and
safety risks involved.

However if you brush up on your HSE knowledge and get to grips
with how to use them safely, ladders and stepladders are essential
options for working at height. With new guidelines released this
year to lay out the DO’s and DON’Ts, there’s no excuse not to be
sensible thanks to the free HSE resource.

Work at Height Regulations

With so many rules, regulations and
conflicting industry opinions, it can be difficult to know exactly
what’s correct when it comes to using ladders. The Work at Height Regulation 2005 set out the
risks, measures and legalities of working at height, and these
remain the same in 2014. However in recognition of that the fact
that no one finds it easy reading through the small print of
legislation, the HSE have released new
to refresh our memories for 2014.

Why You Should Read It

This 7 page illustrated guide is the only
resource that you need to understand the do’s, don’ts and
legalities of working at height. Instructing you on the necessary
pre-checks before using a ladder, and giving detailed guidelines on
how to safely use one, it’s an essential read.

With coloured images on correct and incorrect
usages of ladders, as well as bite-sized bullet points of
information, it has everything laid out nice and simple. So whether
you’ve been in the industry for years or need an introduction to
working at height, it’s worth downloading. And the great thing is
that it’s free!

Don’t risk a silly slip up when it comes to
working at height with ladders and stepladders. From domestic uses
to industrial jobs, the HSE regulations are there for a reason to
keep you safe. Sterk Systems provides a huge range of designs to
suit all requirements, from extending ladders to roof ladders, so
browse our website and invest in a quality ladder that meets the
new guidelines for your work.