Nepal Consider Installing Ladders on Hillary Step

Everest By Ladder? Nepal Consider Installing Ladders on
Hillary Step

It seems that it isn’t just the workplace that requires access
solutions when it comes to heights; now the authorities of Nepal
are even acknowledging the importance of ladders as they consider
installing them at the summit of Mount Everest. At Sterk Systems we
certainly think it’s a ‘step’ in the right direction.

High Priority

The issue has arisen in recent years as
frustrated climbers, after reaching the scaling heights of Hillary
Step on Mount Everest, found themselves facing traffic jams to
reach the summit. At 12 metres, Hillary Step is the final challenge
to finishing the climb. The ice ropes have long been the only
relatively safe way of accessing the summit of Mount Everest, and
yet the maintenance required to sustain such access can further add
to the delays for tourists eager to reap the rewards of their trek.
In recent maintenance on Hillary Step, angry visitors were even
taking the dangerous move to ascent the height without even using
the ice rope to avoid queues, putting themselves at risk in their
haste. Whilst Nepal has very different safety regulations to the
UK, this nevertheless is an obvious breach of any safety standards,
particularly when at height.

A Safe Bet

It has not yet been confirmed whether Nepal
with definitely proceed with the ladder installations, however
considering the current risks that tourists face at Hillary Step it
would seem a wise option to do so. 300 tourists have died reaching
the summit of Mount Everest since the first successful summit, and
Sterk Systems is sure that with the extra safety precautions of a
ladder that they would avoid adding to these numbers!

Whether a tourist attraction, your own home,
or a workplace, ladders can be key in ensuring that you stay safe
and avoid unnecessary risks. To read more about safety at heights,
and the UK safety regulations, visit the HSE website
If you think that you might have your very own Hillary Step in your
own home or workplace, have a look at our website to find ladders,
scaffolding and towers to solve your access problems.