Telescopic Ladders | same height better storage

Telescopic ladders may be relatively new to the market, but it
is no exaggeration to say they have revolutionised the market. They
are lightweight, easy to transport and store, yet are as sturdy as
traditional ladders.

Though this type of ladder can be made of
many different materials, aluminium frames tend to be the most
popular as they are both sturdy in use and easy to move.

Thanks to their flexible structure and
lightweight frame, the telescopic
is more efficient and easier to manoeuvre than a great
many other types of ladder. They can help you reach considerable
heights, even in small spaces, but can shrink back to an efficient
unit for transport.

The ladder will extend to the same height as
a conventional ladder, but the cleverly-designed individually
retractable rungs
enable the unit to take up less than one
quarter of its extended volume when folded down. This of course
makes it ideal for those who need to transport their ladders
frequently or who have restricted storage space.

When the telescopic ladder is folded down, it
is possible to store it in a van, a holding unit or even on site
without it being too intrusive. This also ensures that there are no
loose-fitting ladders riding on top of vehicles to reduce travel
time or fuel efficiency.

Designed for both trade work and DIY,
telescopic ladders come in a variety of sizes and reaches and even
have varying tread spans to make the entire product more secure.
Just last week Mr Walton of Lancaster who purchased one of our Youngman
Telescopic 3.8m
ladders and said, ‘My telescopic ladder is
really handy and working really well’. You can read his
review here

Look out for automatic locking treads which
provide security at each level of the ladder and make sure that,
when you are choosing a telescopic ladder, you opt for a product
which has full safety certification. As with any new building or
DIY equipment, it is essential that you read the full operating
instructions before use to gain the most from your equipment and to
remain safe.

Telescopic ladders do have a maximum safe
working load. This can vary but will be clearly displayed on any
product. Such a limitation does mean that such ladders are not
appropriate for heavy trade loads. However they are ideal for
domestic or light duties and can be invaluable if you need a light,
flexible ladder that is easy to use and even easier to store.