Titan News – Manufacturer set for new start

British Ladder Manufacturer set for new start continuing
their 80 year history.

Sterk Systems have just received the following update on
Titan ladders and we are pleased to share the good news with

An investor from the West Midlands has stepped in and
purchased the “going concern” of Titan Ladders. The newly formed
company will continue to trade at its Yatton Somerset address under
General Manager Paul Routley, but have plans to move to a modern

The response from customers that Titan will continue their 80
year History has been met with great appreciation.

Titan is best known for its quality and strength of products,
mostly designed and built in the UK.  Only 25% of the Staff
has returned at this point, soon to increase to 50% once some
rationalisation and modernisation have taken place.

The company will be focusing on Industrial Products, supplied
through its Distributors throughout the U.K. and moving away from
Domestic Products which customers now buy more and more from the
Larger D.I.Y Stores. The “E” Commerce Sales Web Site is set to be
launched soon with continued support by British Standards Institute
Kite Marking

“I am delighted to be involved in the revitalisation of Titan
Ladders to ensure that the company will continue British
Manufacturing for many years to come” says investor Mr C

Sterk Systems are pleased to be re-stocking the Titan range – we
plan to have all lines available again within the next month.