6 Men Arrested For Climbing Crane

A total of six men were arrested for climbing a construction crane in North Vancouver a few
weeks ago, all of whom are suspected to have been under the
influence of alcohol.

An innocent bystander spotted two men in the early twenties sat
atop of the crane – which is being used to construct a new
community centre – at around 11.30 p.m, and quickly alerted the
authorities. Police and rescue teams were then called back to the
very same spot just three hours later, where another four males in
their twenties had clambered up to the top of the crane.

Authorities believe that the motivation behind this drunken
stunt was a desire to gain recognition on social media. North
Vancouver RCMP spokesman Cpl. Richard De Jong commented that the
men hadn’t gone to any efforts to hide what they were doing, and
that they were hoping for a high degree of internet exposure by
posting videos of their mischief online. When asked about the
incident, De Jong labelled the behaviour of the men as “highly
dangerous” and commented that their efforts were “certainly spurred
by social media”.

De Jong also went on to state that there were some gaps to fill
in terms of the particulars of the case – such as whether the two
groups of men knew one another – but warned the police to take the
incident extremely seriously in order to prevent it from happening
again. De Jong was also eager to point out how entering closed
construction sites puts numerous people in danger – including the
workers on the site who might experience the aftereffects of
tampered-with equipment. All six men are facing charges of breaking
and entering, trespassing on private property, and behaving in a
drunken and disorderly manner.