6 Smashing Stocking Fillers for the DIY Enthusiast

What do you get for the DIY enthusiast who has everything? At
Sterk Systems, we stock a wide range of handy DIY accessories which
make perfect stocking fillers, at prices which won’t break the

How about these for size?


This award winning product holds buckets and
tool bags safely and securely on any ladder, via a tapered and
rubberised limb. Perfect for all manner of decorating and DIY jobs,
the Ladderlimb is sure to get a lot of use.

Ladder Socks

You’re used to buying socks for Christmas
that nobody really wants – ring the changes and buy a pair
of Zarges ladder socks instead, for a truly useful
gift. A universal fit, these heavy duty ladder socks will help
protect any surface – no more marks and damage!

Roof Hook Kit

This quick and simple Youngman
roof hook kit
will turn any extension ladder into a roof
ladder. The ingenious design uses wheels to move the ladder into
position, and this universal fit kit will help keep your DIYer safe
while checking tiles during the wintry weather. Working at height
should never be undertaken lightly, so this kit is a must-have.

Ear Defenders

DIY can be a noisy job, and any enthusiast is
sure to welcome a pair of sturdy ear defenders. We sell lightweight, padded ear
protectors which are perfect for all kinds of power tool jobs – and
possibly for turning a deaf ear to kids who have exhausted their
presents and are whining about Christmas dinner!

Rigger Gloves

You can’t have enough pairs of heavy duty
gloves if you’re into DIY, and these fantastic value rigger gloves will keep hands clean, dry and
safe throughout most DIY tasks this winter.

Heavy Duty Knee Pads

So that’s ears and hands taken care of but
what about knees? Any DIYer will appreciate a pair of these
robust heavy duty knee pads.They come in a one size
fits all format with a non-skid outer shell.

Get your order in quick to qualify for
Christmas delivery!

Armed with some of these DIY stocking
fillers, your nearest and dearest will have no excuse not to tackle
the list of jobs you want done. It’s a win-win situation! Merry
Christmas – have a good one!