Christmas at Height

Does putting up your Christmas decorations
sometimes seem like a bit of a chore?

Well, spare a thought for the poor soul that
had the task of putting lights and tinsel on these spectacular
Christmas trees from around the world…

The World’s Tallest

Situated in Mexico City, standing at a mighty

height of 110.34 metres
and weighing in at a massive 299
tonnes, the tree has entered the Guinness Book of Records. It was a
close call however, as the tree is only 24 centimetres taller than
the previous record holding tree in Aracaju, Brazil, which has held
the record for the past eight years.

Rockefeller Center, NYC

While not the tallest, the Christmas tree
outside the Rockefeller building in New York City certainly has
plenty of lights. Each year
since 1933
, a tree that is over 30 metres tall has been
transported through the streets of Manhattan and then surrounded by
scaffold towers, as workers begin the painstaking task of
decorating it with over 45,000 Christmas lights.

UK’s Tallest Xmas Tree

The tallest Christmas tree in the UK is
located at Lakehurst Place, Ardingly, Sussex. It was planted
in 1890
but only decorated for the first time in 1992. The tree
has been decorated with 1800 energy efficient LED lights, by scores
of workers using two cherry-picker platforms.

The Floating Christmas Tree,

Working at height can be challenge enough,
but how about working at 85 metres on a structure that is floating
on water? The Christmas tree is situated on the Rodrigo de Freitas
lagoon, Rio de Janeiro. The tree features
2.5 million miniature bulbs,
1700 strobe lights and 168 LED
reflectors. A crew of over 1500 are involved in decorating the

While we’re sure that having read about the
extreme decorations above, you will feel confident about tackling
your own christmas lights – remember to always take any necessary
safety precautions when using ladders, so you can have a very happy