CISRS Loophole Closed

The Construction Industry Scaffolders
Record Scheme
is closing a loophole regarding the attendance of
its Part 1 Scaffolding Training course.

The CISRS have announced a new minimum
requirement for those who want to go on the course: attendees must
be in possession of a
Trainee Scaffolder or Labourer card
for a minimum of six
months. The new rule will come into effect from the 1st September

A Loophole Closed

Up until now, course attendees were
required to have at least six months experience working under the
watchful eye of a qualified scaffolder, as a Trainee Scaffolder or
Labourer. However, they were not required to provide proof of
registration to the CISRS in order to confirm their time in the
scaffolding industry. These rules hadn’t changed since the scheme
was started around 40 years ago.
issues for those working at height, or hoping to do so,
are clearly being taken ever more seriously.

Time to Adjust

Initially, the new rule was to be
introduced immediately, but time was given for the industry to
adjust to the changes. The delay in introduction will now not
affect any participants who were booked onto a Part 1 course before
the announcement was made.

The CISRS are working to standardize
their procedures across the board and these anomalies are being
weeded out. Previously there have been problems when attendees
claim to have the correct on-site experience. When they attend the
course, the situation becomes obvious and the delegate fails to
pass the course.

Following these difficulties, though
they were becoming increasingly rare, the CISRS agreed with the
Access and Scaffolding Industry Training Organisation that steps
should be taken to make sure the problem did not