Firm Fined after Employees Fall from Tele Handler

An agricultural services company has received a fine
after two workers took a tumble from a tele handler in north

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pressed charges
against Henzell Enterprises Ltd after a basket attachment on a
forklift truck failed during a job on East Marsh Farm in Goxill. A
loose connection caused the basket to fall three metres to the
ground – taking two Henzell employees with it. The pair suffered
several broken bones and were rushed to hospital, but have since
returned to work.

Inappropriate Work Equipment

HSE inspector David Stewart was quick to comment following the
trial – which saw the Morpeth-based firm plead guilty to neglect of
employee safety and subsequently fined £5000 as well as being
forced to pay an additional £10,000 in damages. Stewart commented
that Henzell Enterprises had been using “inappropriate work
equipment” for the renovation job on the steel framed agricultural
building, and encouraged other firms to look up and take notice
following the incident. Stewart also commented that it was the
firm’s distinct lack of responsibility that caused the accident,
and said that this sort of behaviour from construction companies
can increase the risk of injuries occurring on the job.

Distinct Lack Of Planning

Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court heard that a distinct lack of
planning had been put into the operation at East Marsh Hill, and
that the two workers who suffered injuries were not to blame. The
HSE puts much of its effort into forcing firms to adhere the health
and safety rules laid out for them, and this incident was just one
of 3,400 others that occurred over the course of 2011/12. More
information about rules and regulations for working at height can
be found at the HSE