Ladder or Scaffold? When you should choose a tower.

Benefits of Using a Tower Instead of a Ladder

When you’re decorating inside there can be
some awkward to reach places, especially whilst at height. Ladders
are one option, but they can be very restrictive. It is far easier
doing your internal decorating on a mini tower that allows you to
have plenty of movement and flexibility. There is also the added
bonus of feeling more secure on a platform than when you are up a

Alternatives to Ladders

Top 3 Mini Folding Scaffold
is ideal for decorating,
maintenance and can be used for some light trade use. It makes
decorating at height easy and hassle free.

The Top 3 Mini Folding Scaffold is also
really easy to put together. There is no time wasted assembling it
due to it having a simple click system. There are no nuts and bolts
so no problems with fiddly or lost parts. Our 
video demonstration
shows you just how easy it is to put

Safety First

Not only is this Mini Folding Scaffold on
wheels, which means you can push it around the room, it has locking
castors. These keep you safe wherever you lock them, and stop the
scaffold rolling off anywhere whilst in use.

Throughout the work you may need to change
height. There are three available heights to work at 2.3m, 2.6m and

Here at Sterk Systems we always have safety
in mind, and the two steel non-slip platforms are another safety
feature. They give you the flexibility of having a full platform or
a split level platform.

Convenient and Adaptable

When you’ve finished your work, it folds flat
for easy storage and doesn’t take up much space. It is easy to
transport and fits through doorways, both internal and

Great for Trade Work

For something geared towards more regular
trade use, the 
Mini Max Folding Tower
is a trade platform that can be used
inside and outdoors. There are four available heights to work from
2.6m, 3.7m, 5.7m and 7.8m.

The Minimax also has locking castors and is
easy to transport and fit through doorways.

Whatever your requirements for working at height, at Sterk
Systems we are always available to offer you advice and discuss
your exact needs.