Medieval Sieges to DIY: How the Ladder Came to Be | Climbing up those Pyramids

Ever wondered how you ended up using your ladders in the way you
do today? You may have previously never given them a second
thought, but there is an interesting history behind the faithful
ladder that’s worth taking a look at. Here’s a brief history of how
the ladder came to be what we know it as today.

Ancient History

No one knows when ladders as a concept were originally invented.
However, they are said to have been used at least over 10,000 years
ago. Images of ladders from around this time were found in a
Mesolithic rock painting in a cave in Valencia, Spain. This implies
they were tools just as important many years ago as they are

Ladders are even mentioned in the bible. Jacob dreamt he saw a
ladder reaching from Heaven down to Earth. The Hebrews and
Egyptians would also have used them. The Egyptians needed some way
of climbing up those pyramids!

Long ago ,ladders would have been made with reeds like bamboo,
grass and wood rather than modern materials like aluminium and
Wooden ladders were used in medieval sieges, for going into battle and
scaling enemy walls. They were even used in naval warfare to climb aboard enemy ships and
used as a bridge to cross from one ship to the other.

Modern Ladders

The first stepladder was invented in 1862 by John H Basely of
Dayton. Basely added hinges so that his ladder could be folded and
put out of the way. An excellent idea that has very much stuck with

The first fire escape ladder was invented in 1878
by Joseph Winters. With buildings being built higher and higher,
metal ladders were installed outside windows to allow for an easy

A Look at Ladders Today

There are not many households these days that don’t own some type
of ladder, be it a step ladder, fold away loft ladders or fixed
ladders for climbing up something like some bunk beds or a

Here at Sterk Systems we
have a wide variety of ladders available to suit your needs.

We’ve come up with a quick list of some modern uses for

– For climbing up bunk bedsboat ladder for doggy
– On fire engines and fire escapes
– For getting into attics and lofts
– When building and roofing
– In gymnastics
– For cleaning windows
– In air rescues
– In swimming pools

Thankfully, modern ladders tend to be very light to carry.
Examples of materials ladders are now made with include:

– Aluminiumwinter ladder
– Steel
– Wood
– Rubber
– Fibreglass
– Rope