New Paris Skyscraper Planned

French construction teams are likely
to be working at height in the capital soon, as the authorities are
backing plans to build Paris’s first
modern skyscraper in 40
years. The proposed design is for an ultra-modern striking
triangular structure, which will be home to a 120-room hotel, and
around 70,000 square metres dedicated to office space.

The hotly-debated plans have recently
received backing from Parisian city councillors. The proposed
structure would be the first skyscraper in the city since the 210m
Montparnasse building.

Tall buildings within the city have
faced fierce opposition from Parisian residents since the
completion of the Eiffel Tower in 1889, more than a hundred years
ago. The proposed Tour Triangle has been no different, but backlash
against the design has mellowed somewhat, now that space in the
structure has been allocated to childcare and culture

Property giant Unibail Rodamco – the
largest listed property group in Europe – is stumping up €500m
(£355m) for the project, which has a projected completion date of

Mixed Reaction

Online reaction to the proposed design
has been mixed. When news giant CNBC posted an artist’s impression
of the completed building, there were some varied and interesting

Philip Oldfield
the design, saying “Herzog de Meuron’s
#Paris #skyscraper is
dramatic for sure, but hardly contextual”.

Adam Wallen
was equally
skeptical, chipping in with “
@CNBCand that’s it???
Yikes. They should’ve waited.”

A little less articulate, but still
valid, was
Sidney W. Kilgore PA
who weighed
in with “@CNBC
@citemark_ip Ugh! C’est

However, Donald W.
was perhaps the
bluntest, with “
@CNBCHmm kinda looks like
the hanging garden on steroids.”