NASC Safety report 2015

Earlier this month the National
Access and Scaffolding Confederation
released its annual Safety
report, a document that contains full details of the accident
statistics of all 200+ NASC full contracting members.

These figures cover 14,988 operatives, making
up a very sizable percentage of the UK’s scaffolding industry.

As a membership requirement, all NASC full
contracting members must fill out an annual form detailing any
accidents that occurred during the year. The NASC Safety Report is
created out of this submitted data.

Details and Data

Information covered in the report include a
list of any fatalities and injuries to operatives, members of the public
and third parties; accident descriptions and investigations,
statistic comparisons between the HSE and the NASC and details
about how the NASC is working towards supporting safer scaffolding

Reporting only on seven day incidents (as
dictated by current HSE reporting protocol), the 2015 Safety Report
indicates that there were no fatal accidents within the scheme’s
membership in 2014; however the number of overall reported
accidents has risen, from 96 in 2013 to 105 in 2014. This 9%
increase matches the 9% rise in the NASC’s membership numbers.

Step Carefully

According to the
there were 24 falls involving people working at height
last year, 6m being the highest distance to fall. Nine of these
falls involved scaffolding or working platforms, while seven falls
involved ladders.

Regarding age groups, the 21-30 section
suffered the highest incident rate, with 43 (41%) while the 41-50
age group came a far off second, with 24 accidents (23%).

Slips, trips and falls were recorded at a
total of 39 incidents for 2014, a decrease of 5% from 2013