US Capitols’s Scaffolding Coming Down

US Capitol’s Scaffolding Coming Down

Scaffolding which has covered the dome of the
Capitol building in Washington DC is going to begin to come down
this month, as construction and restoration is completed on one of
the most iconic structures in the US.

2 Years of Scaffolding

As we blogged previously,
the Capitol building has been heavily scaffolded inside and out for
the past 2 years, after a project to restore the world famous
landmark was launched.

The work, which has removed 13 layers of lead
paint, will brighten up the Dome and reveal previously unseen
details. Ironwork within the Dome is being repaired, and lighting
and electrical systems are being upgraded as part of the work.

The Big Reveal

Architect Stephen T. Ayers cannot wait to see
how the building looks once the scaffold is removed.

“I’m extremely excited about taking the
scaffold down and sort of unveiling it for the country, if not the
entire world to see. There’s a renewed sense of beauty, and a
renewed sense of the incredible detail that went into building the
Capitol dome”, he said.

$60 Million Restoration

The outstanding work on the building, which
includes the $60 million
of the interior of the rotunda, is set to be
completed before the next presidential inauguration ceremony in

The Rotunda has been repainted a total of
five time since the 1860s, with the latest coat being applied in
the 1970s. This will be removed and replaced with an historically
accurate colour palette.

The Greatest Symbol

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who
has played a key role in steering the project over the past few
years, said she was very happy to see the renovation head towards

“I’m looking forward to the reveal, but also
it’s just really amazing to be able to be part of the stewardship
of the greatest symbol of the most significant democracy in the
world”, she said.

The project should preserve and protect the
structure for the next 50 years.